Ben M. Collins

Photos of My Mind, or something like it

Burlington, VT

Ben Collins is a photographer from Burlington, Vermont inspired by the rhythm, melodies, and stories of music. ​ "I’m originally from Massachusetts and I began filming action sports early on in middle school. In high school, I began to do commercial photo and film work for clients. ​ Around the same time, a couple of my friends started a band called Surfliner and I began shooting their concerts, music videos, and band photos. When Surfliner needed a cover shot for their new single, ‘Nowhere to Go’, I happily helped out. Shooting that cover changed the course of direction for my career towards music and portrait photography. ​ Music consumes a lot of my day to day. Spotify, CDs, vinyl, music photography, music history, playing music, making music. It's very natural that music is where I draw my inspiration from. ​ I’ve found more and more often in my career that I’m further inspired when the photos I’m shooting help someone out in some way, whether that is the subject or the viewer. I strongly believe that the photos I take should benefit others more than they benefit me as the photographer." contact // (781) 733-1094​

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